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Saffron Gold - Flavour Of Iran - Social Coffee Mixer for Cocktails

Saffron Gold - Flavour Of Iran - Social Coffee Mixer for Cocktails

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Social Coffee Mixers by GOOD KOFFEE

SAFFRON GOLD - Flavour of Iran

‘Unmistakable rich Saffron & bright bold coffee.’

Mix creative with the flavour of Iran. Saffron or “Red Gold” is a magical ingredient in Persian culture. Iranians believe that its properties are uplifting for the body, mind & soul.

Enjoy thiis Social Coffee Mixer and the alchemy of real single ingredients infused with our sumptuous real coffee. 

Easily create gorgeous coffee tonics, coffee cocktails and more. Hot or cold… with or without alcohol.

For a stunning Social Coffee Tonic simply top up 25ml with soda water for a tasty, socially uplifting drink.

200ml = approx. 10 servings.

500ml = approx. 25 servings.

Why drink?


For bar enthusiasts & professionals alike.

  • A luxurious way to create coffee tonics and coffee cocktails.
  • A new adventurous choice when feeling Social.
  • Bar enthusiasts will love to get creative with this.
  • Rare & unique ingredients to enjoy.


When to drink?


 For any social moments.

  • A social evening with friends
  • Date night and a good movie.
  • Fancy a nightcap?


How to drink?


Let’s keep it simple.

  • Simply pour 25ml and top with sparkling water
  • Elevate your usual Espresso Martini
  • Mix Creative for Coffee Cocktails. Add a measure of your favourite spirit.
  • Make hot & cold, non-alcoholic or alcoholic drinks.

Ingredients: Coffee Concentrate, Raw Cane Sugar, Gentian Root, Saffron, Acidity regulator: Citric acid.

ALLERGY INFORMATION – DOES NOT CONTAIN ALLERGENS. Manufactured in a kitchen that handles NUTS, MILK,  CEREALS, EGGS, WHEAT, SESAME & SOY. For this reason, we cannot guarantee it will be free from any allergens.

Nutritional Typical Values: Per Serving 25ml, Energy Kj 205, Energy kcal 49, Carbohydrates 12.3g of which sugars 12.3g, Fibre g 0.0,  Protein g 0.0 Salt g 0.0

Once Opened, KEEP REFRIGERATED. Enjoy within 6 weeks. Best Before Date on the bottom.

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