These mixers are inspired by some of the world’s most incredible ingredients. Saffron, Cardamom & Cacao. Influenced from exotic lands such as Iran, Nepal & Ghana we couldn’t think of a more opulent way to elevate your drinking experience. A rare single focus on real infused spices and sumptuous coffee to create a new socially uplifting drinking experience that's as GOOD with or without alcohol. You choose, no need to compromise... Now that's uplifting.

    Mix creative with the flavour of Iran. Saffron known as “red gold” is a magical ingredient in Persian culture. Iranians believe that saffron is uplifting for the soul.


    Mix creative with the flavour of Nepal. The kingdom of Cardamom, nestled in the lap of the world’s highest mountain range, hillside terraces here are draped in what is known as ‘Black Gold’.

  • GREEN KACAO (Coming Soon)

    Mix creative with the flavour of Ghana.  

    Cacao has a history of over 2000 years. This "Food of the Gods" is still one of our most highly-prized ingredients where the trees of Ghana love the shade and are often grown beneath other trees such as mango, banana.