For the Sober Butterflies, Moderators & outright Curious... The perfect way to be uplifted and feel connected, sound GOOD? With adventurous flavour destinations the Social Coffee Tonic is the new way to enjoy yourself in every social moment. The GOOD way to End Your Day or Start Your Night.
  • Feel uplifted by the glamour & intensity of INDIA.

    Mumbai “city of extremes” will have you falling in love with its kind people and intense orchestrated chaos. The sights, sounds, sacred cows and aroma of warm spicy chai all infuse to inspire this uplifting Social Coffee Tonic.

  • Feel uplifted by the tradition and taste of VIETNAM.

    Travelling from Hanoi in the North to Ho Chi Minh in the South is a journey of wonder. One evening in a backstreet bar, being served coffee & sparkling tonic with a simple lemongrass straw inspired this first & memorable Social Coffee Tonic.

  • Feel uplifted by the beauty and boldness of BARBADOS.

    Barbados, home of the Grapefruit, will bring you back in rhythm. Socialise at the rum shacks, relax on the pink sand beaches and reconnect to nature as you absorb the tranquil turquoise waters with this uplifting Social Coffee Tonic.