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Cafe Femenino Coffee x GOOD KOFFEE

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A rich body, with fairly bright acidity. Caramel. Coffee. Cake.

Grown by the Cecanor co-operative, solely by women farmers.

We are very proud to be sourcing our coffee through Wogan Coffee and Cafe Femenino... It is grown and processed by a woman-only co-operative, which aims to increase social empowerment, not only of females working in the coffee industry but in the entire area. The Café Femenino project now extends through several countries, and we are pleased to be able to support their cause and do a little bit of GOOD.

Wogan's say: “We have been roasting Café Femenino for over ten years. It is consistently full of character, well-graded, of exceptional quality and a pleasure to roast. It’s always fantastic when such a brilliant coffee comes coupled with a worthy cause.”

Ground Coffee | Single Origin | 100% Arabica, Speciality Coffee

Grade 1. Fully washed. Shade Grown.

Altitude: 1300-1800m

SCAA: 84.5

Varietals: Bourbon, Catuai & Caturra