Stop the search – this is THE non-alcoholic coffee drink you’ve been looking for.

Stop the search – this is THE non-alcoholic coffee drink you’ve been looking for.

Not to be derogatory to the non-alcoholic drinks industry, but alcohol-free drinks can often feel a little lacklustre. Yeah, they may taste good, in fact, they may taste great, but when you’ve dragged yourself out of the house to be social after an arduous day of work, when really the only place you want to be is tucked up in bed in your jim-jams binge-watching BoJack, a ‘nice ’mocktail doesn’t quite cut it. Flavour only gets you so far - it’s not going to keep you from nodding off at the bar at 11pm, snoozing while your drunkard companions joyfully tap-dance on the counter. That’s where Social Coffee Tonics by GOOD KOFFEE come in.

As you may have already guessed, these Social Coffee Tonics contain real coffee. But not your boring-old-plain-Jane-daily-morning-espresso type coffee – this is bewitchingly sparkling coffee infused with tantalisingly bold flavours cherry-picked from across the globe. The type of coffee that grabs you by the tip of your tongue and gleefully dances the tango on top of your tastebuds. The type of coffee that puts you in a GOOD mood after just one sip, that jolts your brain out of sleep mode and turns up the dial on the ‘let’s go and create an adventure’ tuner. The type of coffee that you won’t forget.

It's also a coffee that the people who farm it won’t forget either. That’s because GOOD KOFFEE source through the Café Femenino coffee program, a one-of-a-kind ethical sourcing model committed to ending the cycle of poverty affecting female coffee farmers around the world. As well as ensuring direct financial compensation, the program provides the opportunities and gives the resources to enable said coffee farmers to create a positive change in their own communities. So, not only do drinks by GOOD KOFFEE taste good, they do good too.

Going cold turkey but still want to get that oh-so-aesthetic ‘cheers’ boomerang when celebrating with the girls? GOOD KOFFEE has you covered – the neat, brown, vintage-esque bottles wrapped in vibrant, colourful packaging guarantee insta-worthy photo opportunities wherever and whenever. Worried that come Saturday night you won’t be able to dance the night away with the best of them? Take a swig of Social Coffee before you head out and your toes won’t stop twisting ‘til the sun comes up. Trying to stay awake as you tap away at that endless, yawn-inducing work report? Sip on the Lemongrass and Ginger Social Coffee Tonic and, for one delicious moment, your hunched-over-laptop-self will be transported to the beautiful vistas of Vietnam.

Social Coffee Tonics by GOOD KOFFEE equal buzz without the booze, fun-filled escapades minus the impending pesky hangover. They’re THE socially uplifting alcohol-free drinks that you’ve been searching for.

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Written and illustrated by Lydia Dronsfield

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